Dead Space 3 CEC Watch

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The Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC) Watch was born from the same research that guided the Dev Team edition; that the Dead Space Series fan base contained a subset of older, more affluent, deeply passionate fans that were eager for a mature way to show their love of the games.

But where the collector’s edition was designed to showcase that passion at home or at the right kind of office, the CEC watch was created specifically to showoff that supreme level of fandom while far away from a screen. And best of all as subtle, “secret handshake” kind of premium.

Most critically of all, the CEC Watch was designed as a physical, real world item first and then turned into a digital asset by Visceral to connect the product back into the game world. This way both Isaac Clark (the game’s protagonist) and 500 lucky fans would get one.


  1. In-game model on protagonist Isaac Clark
  2. Front face
  3. Detail of dial showing Dead Space logo and Concordance Extraction Corporation mark
  4. Rear face with Dead Space logo and edition number
  5. Demo shot
  6. Sample Facebook ad

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Done in partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores, LTD

Year: 2012
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