Vault 108 Limited Edition “Gary” Hoodie

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Bethesda Softworks

Hahaha, Gary.

Vault 108 is one of those hallmarks of the Fallout series; a social experiment full of clones all with the name Gary. It exemplifies the dark humor that is so unique to post-apocalyptic sci-fi worlds, and nowhere more clearly than in Bethesda’s wasteland.

With the success of the Vault 101 hoodie, we knew we had a starting place. But we wanted to make it special by ensuring every aspect of the package felt thoughtful and unique, and expressed our gratitude to our fans. So each of the “Gary” hoodies came with a “thank you” package full of bottle caps (the in-game currency of the Fallout series) and a note written the limited vocabulary of the clones.

Finally, the hoodie itself was treated like a cross between an in-universe item (with care and maintenance tag claiming it comes from VaultTec in the year 2077) and a limited edition print (with the number of the run listed right on the front below the abdominal pocket).

Since there were only 54 clones in the game, only 54 of these were made and they sold out in record time, with international fans staying up all night just for a chance to buy one.

  1. Mystery envelope and packed hoodie
  2. Limited Edition numbering detail below chest pocket
  3. Hand-stamped “thank you” on mystery envelope
  4. Envelope and hand-lettered bottle caps
  5. Detail of caps
  6. Caps in detail
  7. Hoodie, caps and “thank you” letter
  8. Size and cleaning instructions tag detail
  9. Web ad


The Gary Hoodie was something special even in a store full of things special. The amount of care that went into not simply the item and its sale, but the packaging and presentation was like nothing else we’d done before or since. It wasn’t just the small quantity that allowed this, but the strength of the back story that allowed such extravagance.

That care and pageantry allowed for the best unboxing to date.

Bethesda Softworks

Done in partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores, LTD

Year: 2013
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