Forza 5: Paddock Edition

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For the beginning of the new generation of consoles and the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft wanted to highlight their first and second party exclusives as a way to quickly establish their new hardware in the market place.

Forza is Microsoft’s premier racing game series and long established as a fan favorite for the ability to collect and customize cars.

So when Microsoft came to us and asked how to bring Forza forward as a brand — and avoid outside licenses from automotive companies — we knew we had our work cut out for us.

After research, sketching, and watching every Steve McQueen movie made, we decided on replicating what gear heads like in a custom car.

We started by making sure that all packaging was “murdered out” (painted a matte finish black) and that “badging” was tastefully made understated on it. Next we went thoughtful and tried to pick items that are uncommon to a collector’s edition and highly useful to a fan with petrol in their veins. We settled on a track jacket and valve stem caps for tires as premium items along with a keychain and steel water bottle as more versatile, frequent use items. This way, both sets of offerings would increase the perceived value of the collection.

This unit was carried through GameStop and the Forza official online store, as well as promoted heavily on the Xbox Live dashboard.

  1. The box
  2. Limited Edition numbering detail on box
  3. Box internal packaging
  4. Steel water bottle with spot gloss logo
  5. Forza keychain and stem caps
  6. Caps in detail
  7. Spy Optics brand sunglasses with soft case
  8. Glasses front in detail
  9. Glasses side in detail
  10. Exclusive Forza logo jacket
  11. Jacket front in detail
  12. Jacket zipper pull detail
  13. Jacket demo’d on a model


“Unboxings” are some of our favorite things. There’s nothing like the juxtaposition of thoughtful attention to detail and rapt excitement, shared by fans to other fans. It’s a critical thing, be it from the press, on social media, or by specialty blogs like

Collector’s Edition did our favorite of these, and so we’re sharing it here for you as they shared with us.

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Year: 2013
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