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Almost Famous Chef’s Competition began in 2002 as a way for S.Pellegrino to support the fine dining establishment that had helped make the water a success by encouraging the culinary students that would become the chefs of the future. To do this, S. Pellegrino and Nestlé Waters partnered with major culinary colleges to showcase the best and brightest upcoming stars. And from the onset, Nestlé wanted to showcase this experience not just to those lucky few who could attend but to everyone. But it would take 3 long years before this was possible.


This singular event got a unique recipe book to bring the efforts and talent of the chefs home to your kitchen. And after the first edition in 2005 scored four industry awards, the next edition was a sure thing. Though after over 300 pages a tremendous amount of brand and celebrity involvement, the 2007 edition needed to scaled back, streamlined edition.

The 2007 edition focused on larger hero images, cleaner and more straight-forward presentations, and gave a deeper examination of the present and a glimpse of the future without being as tied down to the storied history as the previous edition.


Nestlé Waters North America

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Year: 2005–07
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