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For the relaunch of the Tomb Raider IP, Crystal Dynamics wanted help turning the series, and its iconic characters and locations into something even bigger. The team wanted the property to have a life beyond the screen, and for that they came to myself and Treehouse Brand Stores to explore the game and see what would resonate with players and bring Lara’s world into our own.

The first direction to go with the product line was clear: an active line. The game involves so much climbing, swimming, zip-lining and fighting, it seemed a natural pairing.

The second took a little longer and a bit more history to consider. We decided to to target fine art, as the first Tomb Raider from way back in 1996 was an early indication of the bright future gaming had in 3D and the newest incarnation was to push that even further using brand new technology like TressFX.

So we went about sourcing the best blanks, arranging cut-and-sew, and brainstorming products that could bridge the distance between gamers and galleries. The we built an online store and pop-up galleries to sell it.

Gathered here are some of those results.

tomb raider eagle eye hoodie
Tomb Raider Esc ragland
Tomb Raider "Drift wood" Longboard
Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller


To sell the merchandise, we created an official store site and set promotion schedules to work within the master social media and marketing schedule during pre- and post-launch calendars.



To get the imagination going, we gathered a gallery’s worth of hand-picked artists displaying beautiful giclees and screen prints along side our apparel (and a healthy number of demo stations for showing off the game). This was partnered with a social media blitz across all channels.

But to get the news out to people who couldn’t make it to these limited engagement pop-up shops, we reached out to the anarchic late night host Conan O’Brien and the segment he’d just started, “The Clueless Gamer” in order to get the game — and our limited edition Tomb Raider Xbox controller — into his hands and on the screen.

Square Enix

Done in partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores, LTD

Year: 2013
Categories: Video Games, Brand Extension, eCommerce, Apparel

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